Andy Fluke

Book & Publication Development

Hi folks! Thanks for stopping by. I'm a freelance book editor, publication designer, comic artist, weekend wanderer, cupcake aficionado, friend of felines & advocate of good talk. Back in 2002, I co-founded NCDD.

My Work

My current freelance work consists of publication design, editorial oversight, copywriting, technical training, and strategic project planning.

Click Here for Work Samples or Relaxation Rabbit.

My Skills

With over 30 years experience in publication & media development, an academic background in education, and 15 years as Creative Director of a small, national nonprofit dedicated to civic engagement, I have assembled a unique toolkit of talents useful to any small nonprofit, campaign, or publishing endeavor.

• Publication & Media Design - Adobe Creative Suite
• Program Management - MS Office & Google Docs
• Community Engagement - Online and Offline


My comics are primarily a hobby, though they tend to pop up in the unlikeliest, and often silliest, places.

Mini-Comic: Temporary Friendly Bear! • Mini-Story: Coffee Shop

My Focus

As a life-long writer and designer with 30 years experience in print media as both editor and artist, book development is more than a job to me, it's a passion. From the planning stage to publication, I am at home advising, editing, and designing books, journals, and educational material.

At NCDD, I loved using modern technology to publicize, grow, and manage diverse communities and innovative programs. The experience I gained there translates nicely to publication projects, allowing me to offer my clients skills few publication developers have.

I'm always interested in connecting with like-minded folk to talk shop or trade advice, either online or off…

Let's Connect

Looking for creative support for your program? Looking for a designer with years of experience in community engagement? I'm always looking for new and exciting projects. Let's connect!



A small selection which provide examples of both design and copywriting, collected from recent projects.

• Redefining the Future of the Economy (Amazon Link)

• NCDD Promotional Booklet (7mb PDF)

• Transpartisan Voice Promotional Booklet (3.5mb PDF)

• Connecticut Collaborative Introductory Menu (.5mb PNG)

• Transpartisan Review, Issue 2 (25mb PDF)

• Website for poet Wendy Willis (LINK)

• 2019 Rates & Services Guide (1.5mb PDF)

Something New Coming Soon


Relaxation Rabbit

Origami has been a relaxation tool for me since I was a child. My favorite simple fold is this rabbit and I've been known to secretly leave these bunnies all over town. Clicking on the link below will take you to a PDF I created for friends who work with children.

Instructions for folding an origami Relaxation Rabbit.

The Owls' Secret Headquarters

by Andy Fluke

The rain patters the awning outside the cozy coffee shop. Inside, a young musician balances on a stool near the front window purring a mellow tune through a beat-up saxophone. The blonde who usually works weekends tends the counter, busy now replacing the muffins with fresh pastries. The morning rush faded hours ago and the lunch crowd never showed.

The shop is nearly empty. An older couple took their drinks and tucked themselves away in the back. A fleece-clad student reads and sips honey tea in one of the comfy chairs up front, tapping his toe to the soulful jazz. A wannabe writer, visibly frustrated, stares, defeated, at a blank laptop screen.

I order a muffin and seltzer. The blonde smiles. I put a twenty next to the register along with my business card, a plain white rectangle embossed with a small owl. Spotting the card, the blonde reaches under the counter. A hidden staircase drops open behind the pastry case. The blonde winks and hands me a bag and a bottle as I descend into the shadows below.

for Fredricksen Writes, November 02, 2020