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Book & Publication Development

Hi folks! Thanks for stopping by. I'm a freelance writer, copyeditor, publication designer, comic artist, weekend wanderer, cupcake aficionado, friend of felines & advocate of good talk.
Back in 2002, I co-founded NCDD.

Mini-Comic: Mice!

Tiny Fiction: Jacobson & Gardener

A Bit of Creativity: Relaxation Rabbit

My Work

My current freelance work consists of book & publication design, editorial oversight, copyediting, writing, and project planning.

My Rates: I follow EFA guidelines when preparing quotes for clients.
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My Skills

With over 30 years experience in publication & media development, an academic background in education, and 15 years as Creative Director of a small, national nonprofit dedicated to civic engagement, I have assembled a unique toolkit of talents useful to any small nonprofit, campaign, or publishing endeavor.

• Publication & Media Design - Adobe Creative Suite
• Project Management - MS Office & Google Docs
• Community Engagement - Online and Offline


My comics are primarily a hobby, though they tend to pop up in the unlikeliest, and often silliest, places.

Mini-Comic: Mice! • Mini-Story: Jacobson & Gardener

My Focus

As a life-long writer and designer with 30 years experience in print media as both editor and artist, book development is more than a job to me, it's a passion. From the planning stage to publication, I am at home advising, editing, and designing books, journals, and educational material.

At NCDD, I loved using modern technology to publicize, grow, and manage diverse communities and innovative programs. The experience I gained there translates nicely to publication projects, allowing me to offer my clients skills few publication developers have.

I'm always interested in connecting with like-minded folk to talk shop or trade advice, either online or off…

Let's Connect

Looking for creative support for your program? Looking for a designer with years of experience in community engagement? I'm always looking for new and exciting projects. Let's connect!



A small selection which provide examples of both design and copywriting, collected from recent projects.

• Redefining the Future of the Economy (Amazon Link)

• NCDD Promotional Booklet (7mb PDF)

• Transpartisan Voice Promotional Booklet (3.5mb PDF)

• Connecticut Collaborative Introductory Menu (.5mb PNG)

• Transpartisan Review, Issue 2 (25mb PDF)

• Website for poet Wendy Willis (LINK)

• 2019 Rates & Services Guide (archive)(1.5mb PDF)


Panels from "mindful living" project.

Relaxation Rabbit

Origami has been a relaxation tool for me since I was a child. My favorite simple fold is this rabbit and I've been known to secretly leave these bunnies all over town. Clicking on the link below will take you to a PDF I created for friends who work with children.

Instructions for folding an origami Relaxation Rabbit.

Jacobson & Gardener

by Andy Fluke

From inside the old, pale house – with windows closed and faded, flowery curtains drawn – the sounds of beeping trucks and barking dogs and screaming neighbors were muffled, but no less annoying. This audible distress mixed awkwardly with the sad shadows of what remained within.

“Listen,” Jacobson said, trying hard not to sound patronizing, but failing miserably.

Gardener, surprised, tightened his tattered bathrobe, turned towards the voice, and frowned.

“I’m not in the mood for one of your lectures.”

“I don’t have... I don’t... I’m not lecturing you.”

Jacobson, outfitted in dusty tweed and faded slacks, crossed the barren kitchen to a dining table covered with piles of old newspapers and took a seat opposite Gardener on one of the wobbly chairs.

“You know I have concerns.” Jacobson’s fading patience showed in the wrinkles of his long, dour face and beak-like nose. “You shouldn’t do this blindly. There are people you could talk to.”

Gardener took a sip of tea from a chipped mug decorated with a drawing of an annoyed cat.

“People,” Gardener responded with a shiver; his hairless, dried-apple head sinking deeper into his knobby shoulders. “To you there’s always ‘people’. When did you ever bother to talk to ‘people’.”

“That’s not the point.”

“Then what is the point. You’re quick to criticize, quick to tell me I’m wrong. Where is the practical advice? Huh? Are you even capable of giving practical advice?”

“If we...”

“We? There is no we. There never was. Only three decades of voyeurism and lectures. Hell, I still don’t know who you are.”

The tea finished, Gardener reached for the battle-scarred, aluminum walker parked alongside the table. Tied with a wilted strand of gold ribbon to the front crossbar, a birthday balloon declaring ‘Happy 90th’ languished sullenly above the old man’s arched back.

Gardener slowly retreated from the kitchen; old feet in worn slippers shuffled across a dirty, linoleum floor.

“I have papers to sign. The nursing home awaits.”

Jacobson stared at the mug, trying hard not to draw meaning from the aloof and uncaring look on the cat’s face.

“Everything is going to change.”

With a heavy sigh and a quiet sniff, Jacobson began to float a little and then faded away through the chair and into the discolored wallpaper lining the kitchen walls.

– from my daily writing, April 14, 2021 –
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