Andy Fluke

Design, Education, Engagement

Hi folks! Thanks for stopping by. I'm a nonprofit project developer/supervisor, publication designer, comic artist, weekend wanderer, cupcake aficionado, friend of felines & advocate of good talk. Back in 2002, I co-founded NCDD.

My Work

My freelance work consists of strategic planning, editorial oversight, training, and project design support for small nonprofits.

My Skills

With over 30 years experience in publication & media development, an academic background in education, and 15 years as Creative Director of a small, national nonprofit dedicated to civic engagement, I have assembled a unique toolkit of talents useful to any small nonprofit, campaign, or publishing endeavor.

• Nonprofit Management
• Citizen Engagement
• Network Building - Online and Offline
• Publication & Media Design - Adobe Creative Suite
• Website Development - Wordpress & CSS


My comics are primarily a hobby, though they tend to pop up in the unlikeliest, and often silliest, places.

My Focus

Since 2000, I have focused on using modern technology to publicize, grow, and manage diverse, issue-based communities and public participation programs through the development of tools, events, and publications encouraging knowledge-sharing and civic engagement. I'm always interested in connecting with like-minded folk to talk shop or trade advice…

Let's Connect

Looking for creative support for your program? Looking for a designer with years of experience in public engagement? I'm always looking for new and exciting projects. Let's connect!