Thanks for visiting my website!

First of all, let me also say thank you for the above appreciation. Sandy texted me the photo soon after it was taken and it really made my day. Having the opportunity to continue supporting the organization that defined so many years of my life is still very rewarding. It was sad I couldn’t be there for the conference, but it was so amazing to see all of you in the picture. I hope you had a wonderful event!

Even though I am no longer part of the day-to-day management at NCDD, I have remained involved as much as I can. Besides the conference material from this year, I’ve enjoyed contributing to our fundraising efforts, created a small booklet about NCDD (which you received in your tote bag), and worked with Sandy on publishing a report on a project started at the last NCDD event in Reston, VA. I was even a sponsor of NCDD2016 — which, now that I write it down sounds really weird, sponsoring the thing I helped create.

But more excitingly, I have found myself working closer to the NCDD community then ever before. Although it wasn’t originally my plan, several NCDD members reached out over the past year and invited me to help them in the same way I helped build NCDD. I am so fortunate they did.

Being offered these opportunities has only encouraged my desire to do more work within the network, to strengthen my connection with members of the NCDD community. If you are looking for someone with my skills and experience in engagement, please let me know and we can set up a call to talk about your needs.

And truth be told, although I do love being a free agent, I suppose my long term goal is to bring the skills I cultivated at NCDD to another program, especially one that is just getting off the ground. Supporting NCDD was very gratifying, but it wasn’t as much fun as starting it. So if you know of an upstart program that needs a little grassroots creative mojo, I just might be able to help.

But if you’re not in search of a designer or consultant — if you were just curious about what I’m up to — don’t be a stranger. Shoot me a quick message. I’d love to reconnect!

Anyway, thank you for making NCDD great! I hope there may be an opportunity for us to connect in the future, and maybe even work together.

– Andy

When not curled up with his cat & a good book, or obsessively collecting engrams, designer and consultant Andy Fluke can usually be found scribbling down outlandish ideas or doodling twisty trees.

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