About My Work History

Thank you for taking an interest in my work.

For those interested in engaging me in either short or long term employment, whether that work is freelance or if you are looking to bring someone with my skills into your office, I offer a few items below to introduce myself, and my past & current work.


I graduated from the Pennsylvania State University in the summer of 1990 with a Bachelor of Arts & Science; Science Education & Communication degree — along with several years of work experience as both an educator and production assistant in public media. For all of my twenties, I taught environmental education in non-tradional classrooms, supplementing my income with media jobs including publication editor and morning producer at a public radio station.


My life has continuously steered me back towards editorial design and development. My father owned a printing business outside of State College, PA and, as early as I can remember, he encouraged me to learn his craft.  We had an old crank press in the basement of our home on which I cut my teeth in layout and design.  This led to lessons in offset printing and proper copy-editing, which in turn gave me the skills to take on a variety of jobs over my lifetime: from laying out Penn State’s giant course catalogue and editing a small community newspaper, to designing resource guides for NCDD (and so many in between).


I co-founded the National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation in 2002 and served as its Creative Director for 13 years. During that time, I worked on everything from NCDD’s website and its publications, to its national events.  My roles included event design, nonprofit management, publicity & marketing, you name it.  We were a small startup and skill diversity was essential to our survival.

I’m very proud of my role as co-founder and, to be honest, leaving was hard, but I’m happy to say the organization continues to grow & do good work.  It’s also extremely exciting to take on new challenges and work on new projects.

A statement about my transistion from the NCDD Board of Directors.

My own take concerning the transistion.


Currently, I am expanding my skillset by taking on freelance work, focusing on the community I have served for the past 13 years. However, ultimately, I seek a new, permanent home where my skills as a designer, editor and problem-solver can enrich a new program and offer new challenges. If you’re interested in connecting, or would like a copy of my resumé, please use this form to contact me or shoot me an email at afluke@gmail.com.  Also, I offer the following letter of recommendation detailing the work I did for NCDD.

A letter of recommendation from the NCDD Board of Directors.


I have spent the last couple weeks expanding this site, adding examples of my work and a few anecdotes from my past.  But I have so much more to put here, both from my past and from projects to come. If we get a chance to talk, please allow me a moment to tell you about them.

Write one leaf…

…about your own name

I love my name.  I’m not even bothered by the fact that my first name is sort of popular. I knew a few Andy’s growing up, but not enough to feel my name was commonplace. There were far more John’s and James’ around me.

I rarely say my name out loud.  In fact, I sometimes catch myself after saying “Andy”. That’s my name? It sounds kind of weird, phonetically, I mean. Nasally, a little awkward sounding. No. Andy is fine. It’s not the name, but its initial I care most about.

You see, I have the greatest last name in the world, or at least, the greatest last name to be preceded by the initial “A”. I realized I was “a fluke” very early on, but when I tried to express this to the rest of my family, I was always rewarded with blank stares. Was it that they didn’t get it? Were they ashamed of that meaning of our last name? As a kid I thought it was the coolest thing in the world. My friends names were boring and meaningless in comparison.

I didn’t even mind the other definitions of “fluke”. Whale’s tail, cool. Anchor prong, whatever. Parasitic flatworm, now you’re talking. My name has influenced my attitude about the universe we live in on a fundamental, very rational level. Probability and chance have defined my interpretation of the world around me, and yet, I can’t help smiling when I think my name puts me on the upside of every coin. Although that’s completely irrational, of course.

(encouraged by writeoneleaf)