Squirrel Confounded

Squirrel Confounded from Andy Fluke on Vimeo.

UPDATE: Just want to let all of the fans of the squirrel from my Dec. 15 movie know that he and his mate are fine and still hopping around our backyard. They are very efficient at wiping out the bird feeder outside our kitchen window where we see them most everyday. They say they are planning to have lots of baby squirrels this spring.

UPDATE 2 – EIGHT YEARS LATER: I no longer live at the house where I cohabitated with squirrels most every winter. Last year at this time, the attic of that house was a playground for a very noisy litter. This year – in my new apartment – my ceiling is quiet. I kind of miss them. I also made a little movie about a mouse that lived in that house. My cat misses them.

When not curled up with his cat & a good book, or obsessively collecting engrams, designer and consultant Andy Fluke can usually be found scribbling down outlandish ideas or doodling twisty trees.

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