Inktober 2018

Client: Personal

Date: October 30, 2018

Categories: sketchbook

Ink drawing is my favorite hobby and, if time allows, I work on a piece a month. If you follow me on Facebook you’ve most likely seen my cats or holiday mice, or the occasional cartoon. For years now I’ve tried to up my game, and my productivity, looking back to my twenties when I regularly drew and even produced a long running comic strip.

Inktober is a daily drawing challenge which encourages artists to embrace one of the most unforgiving mediums (and my favorite). Of course I chose to do this during my busiest month, but I somehow found the time, and more importantly, the inspiration to create 31 small drawings… experimenting with ink wash, time management, and miniatures.

Curious? I’ve shared them all on Instagram:

And yes, this was a not-so-subtle attempt to get you to follow me on the ‘Gram. 🙂

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