Campaign Artwork

During the Summer of 2016, I had the pleasure to provide design (and a little strategic) support to Kai Degner’s U.S. Congressional campaign in Virginia.  Unfortunately, he did not win (he was up against a heavily entrenched opponent in a predominently Republican district) but his campaign was an excellent experiment in bringing the kinds of engagement techniques I championed through NCDD to the political arena.  Below is a scrapbook of many of the items I created for him, using his signature “orange and steel blue” palette.

Kai for Congress volunteer displaying our first signs and stickers.

Yard sign created for the 6th District Democrats.

Handout material for Kai’s #PinkSlipsForBob rally.

Campaign palm cards.

Campaign volunteers distributing stickers and cards.

Floor banners for campaign events.

“Open Space” floor banners for Citizen Summits.

Kai and his yard sign.

When not curled up with his cat & a good book, or obsessively collecting engrams, designer and consultant Andy Fluke can usually be found scribbling down outlandish ideas or doodling twisty trees.

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