A Logo Challenge

One challenge I set for myself last year was to recreate the logo of a national dialogue process known as Conversation Café.  I was transferring their old website to a new WordPress-based site in preparation for future changes to Conversation Café’s online presence and I was stuck with the problem of what to do about their logo.

Even though we discussed a new logo, to preserve continuity I wanted to use the organization’s original logo (now over ten years old) with the first version of the new site.  Unfortunately, the only existing version available to me was this tiny, pixelated web image.


So I sketched the original in pencil to keep the organic feel of a hand drawn item…


…scanned it into my computer, digitally traced the image, and turned it into this…


…producing a new logo which hopefully captures the design and spirit of the original drawing while offering the scalability needed on modern websites.

As new partnerships move Conversation Café towards new opportunities, I’m sure this logo will be replaced by a far more modern looking version. For the time being, however, the grass-roots spirit of Conversation Café lives on in this little reflection of its past.

When not curled up with his cat & a good book, or obsessively collecting engrams, designer and consultant Andy Fluke can usually be found scribbling down outlandish ideas or doodling twisty trees.

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